Monday, October 25, 2010

ugh, semi-conveniences of life

Good afternoon.

So far today I have done the following:

  • Contacted HR
  • Signed into job centre
  • Changed pennies into £5, so that I have enough to give to the counsellor tomorrow
  • Prepared letter to send to HR
I've found out that the HR people have NOT receieved my terms of engagement and bank details. Predictably I expected this to be the case. No harm done however; because having to wait on the basic disclosure form means that I would have had to wait anyway. I've also learned how to print addresses on envelopes using a word processor! This will reduce and trouble with sending my letter. I'm also going to go to the post office and make sure that my delivery is recorded.

Enough dithering. I thought I needed to sound off before I went out of the house again. For nearly 1pm I dont feel that I've done terribly much. Other things I need to do:

  • Everything listed on the schedule
  • Await a re-sent bank statement form and terms of engagement letter; fill it out, scan it and then send it off (email won't get lost)
Here's to keeping busy. I've managed to sneak in some lunch. Okay, off I go.

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