Tuesday, October 5, 2010

(The Cure in the sunset)

Good evening.

What to say about my day? Well, I think the interview went well. If anything, it was less of an interview than training. The prospect of working a major London venue is attractive. I realised the money side of things at the end of the training session: it was mentioned that pay is £7 an hour (which isn't the worst). From what I surmised; the shifts are 4 hours each, and if the shift ends after 11:30; they send you home in a taxi (expenses paid). The depressing thing about that is that the taxi fare home would cost more than my actual shift at a 4 hour shift.

But, a job is a job, and money is money. It's not the worst situation you could be in. If anything, its a sign that things are looking up. After my interview/training day, I got home, well, not really, I went to a funeral wake, which was on the way home. I saw a lot of family, since I was in a suit anyway I did not look out of place. It was sad knowing that a senior man had passed, but I admire the life he lived, and that he was a father to 5 sons, and survived by a good wife.

As I got home, I snacked a little. Now I've set a few GCal events. I've got tickets to a classical music concert tomorrow. It's specifically for a Radio 3 recording of the great choral composers of Vienna; which includes my heroes Webern and Berg. I Think I will go. I'm also inclined not to go on account of 'waiting' from the HR lady. I may be wrong, but I think everyone who came to the training day is going to get a job. Man, if that's the case then I'll be quite relieved and pleased. Not ideal, but it's one step up from being paid JSA.

Okay. I'm going to leave the house again. I'm going to a local community group meeting. I've not been in - a year.

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