Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday's routine

I have begun to codify a sunday routine.

  • Ideally: wake up early for Andrew Marr show
  • Cook slow breakfast - eat slowly.
  • Ideally: have perculator
  • Watch Peston on Sunday - continue eating
  • Begin to read papers/catch up
  • Start to plan week
  • Start to prep for long gym session
  • write up in my ledger
  • I start realising that I'm running late for my gym session
  • Go to gym session
  • Pause in gym session (water + banana)
  • Gym session (2)
  • End of gym ssession and prep for gym classes
  • (30 mins prep before gym class) + light workouts
  • Two gym classes 
  • gym classes and overall fitness session for sunday finished (around 1915)
  • Go home/get a bite to eat
  • Mind is slow/body is tired
  • Have a shower (a struggle), tidy up house/light housework
  • Do some light work at a very inefficient and slow pace but things I've forgotten to do in the morning
  • Go to bed