Saturday, January 23, 2016

dear diary,

I feel like sometimes I have gotten so native into a situation that I forget where i've come from and I forget the flow of time.

The past 9 days have felt like a lifetime.

I have been doing a fair amount recently. I've been working and gyming most of the time. If I'm not working I'm sleeping, if I'm not gyming, I'm recovering.

I have had some time to read, I've mostly been reading newspapers and magazines.

I've been thinking about not much lately.I've been more 'doing' than anything else.

I've not had much quality sleep. I need to drink more water.

I need to stop writing this post right now, and tidy up my room.

Have a good one, readers.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

dear diary,

perhaps its a rare occaision in which I'm writing a blog at work.

I'm never posting on here. I keep fucking saying that it is annoying. I do think about this blog. I think about how many memories I've had talked about, how many things I've lived through.

I'm doing 3 jobs at the moment. I'm looking after a tv guide, I'm looking after a team of designers, plus i'm working in an odd thing called content syndication.

It's odd how i've ended up here.

Lately I have desired for simple things. A life of peace, inner and outer. A life of less worries. A life of better health. A life of self-improvement.

I should try to live by ideals, by espousing those values, speaking about those values more, and importantly, living them.

I have difficulties in my life. I think porn is possibly addictive; I am very much drawn to soft drinks, particulalry fanta, which is not good for my fitness. I also have difficulty sleeping and getting up. Those are the most important times for me. I have difficulty with facing my problems.

I worry that I'll become like dad. Dad always talks about the route of action with least effort, and he talks more than he does. Dad coughs so much and through the night. It upsets me. It upsets me when mum is constantly nagging, complaining about something. I should do more in the house. I do a bit, and I've done more than I have in previous years. I need to be better at home and better at domestics.

I've been really tired lately. I'm doing a 12 hour at work today. I feel that the new gym routine that I'm doing has given me more energy. It also helps to keep the sugars down on my food intake.
Well, I thought I'd try posting about my life. So I did.


Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm reminded of how Doctor Who has said in at least two of the past tv specials over christmas that 'every christmas is the last christmas'.

My brother in law's father died over the night.

I'm quite moved.

I also feel like life must go on. Everyone's life.