Friday, October 29, 2010

The more I do, the More I have yet to do

From Today's episode of Dilbert.

I thought this particularly relevant. Yesterday was a busy day. Perhaps one of the busiest days I've had since the funeral of my neighbour. I got up at a relatively modest 8:30, I was awake/conscious around 7:30 anyway, but I was lazy and cold not to get out of bed. After preparing for the day, as I knew it would be a long one; I only forgot one thing in packing my bag: my book chair! That's small change really.

I got on the train as per usual, I kept up with my reading although not by much. It was a highly entertaining read as I was travelling most of today. As I got into the office, the cute Swedish lady in the other organisation which shares the floor (of the much more important and influential organisation) was making some small talk with me, and asked if I'd join in with a workshop that they were holding with an eminent professor of Religious Studies. It was really interesting, despite the fact that it meant I was behind 2 hours of work. I did 3/5 of my tasks anyway. I found the talk really insightful. Afterwards I met with the other Intern who was really nice, and I went for an extended lunch break. I was wearing my shemagh today, and I untied my hair. I felt so glamorous and pretty as the wind made my hair float a bit.

After 'finishing' ''work'' (so many things in scarequotes, even my 'job' is a scarequote); I went to the tutee's house. It took a while, I missed the train and it took ages to go on the tram. The tutee lived in an area that I have not only heard of, but never would have visited unless I had to. I think it was technically Greater London; but that's a bit of a stretch. Like saying Twickenham is Greater London. Tutoring was quite good. I really got a lot out of it. I hope that she did too. The tutee told me that she worked as a youth worker (or something like that) and she had no formal qualifications upon starting her degree. I could tell that she was scared, despite the fact that she told me that she felt intimidated by uni. I told her to use that fear to make her work hard. We talked about lots of things and mostly it was about making the theories relevant to the real world. I was paid some wonga. I went home, and it took longer than usual. I've not really been in a tram much and I felt a bit uncomfortable being in the corner as a big black guy was in front of me and he was really fat. It wasn't that I was uncomfortable that he was black; but that he was eating fried chicken in front of me (the whiff was tempting me to binge) and if I stood up to say excuse me to get off the tram; I knew that he was too fat to scootch up to give me space. Then this chinese family with loads of kids got in the way; the little boy was cute. Am I racist for saying their ethnic minority group when describing them? Either way; I am seriously not making up that the black guy was eating fried chicken, I know its a stereotype but there you go; he was eating it out of a polystyrene burger case.

I got home (after longer than I needed to take); I had a quick meal of mum's lamb curry (yeah if you think anything cos I'm asian then you are rascist! :p), and basically warmed down, I looked at some porn, and chatted to cute girl from Norway. I like her, I told her that I like her. But I don't know if she thinks I just like her of if I like-her like her.

Today, I'm behind like shit, but! I've got another tutor. I'm planning to do an online tuition session. I've set up a google docs that we can edit together, and I'll see how I work with her. I'm waiting on her, but if I'm lucky I might get paid another £32 (minus paypal fee) . I think that means I might have been paid £60 in two days? It sounds like a pittance, really; that's just the cover for 2 weeks of counselling. But hey, money is money, and I should not sniff at it.

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