Friday, October 15, 2010

It used to be that I was anxious: now I'm just annoyed

Ugh. One day after I get my JSA paid in, and I've already spent half of it! Fuck!

Let's list the expenses, just to confirm it in my head.

1. Yesterday: basic disclosure (£23)
2. Yesterday: withdrawal of cash to buy lunch (£10)
3. Yesterday: put in £10 (£20 overall if you count wednesday) into bloody oyster card
4. Today: paid £16.50 for dental arrears
5. Next monday: £25 for counselling

I shouldn't complain, but I am a bit tight. The more that you need to get done; the more money it costs. In a sense that's the inevitable inexorable condition of life. Once I start earning more than £10,000 a year (as if that's gonna happen soon...) I'll also need to pay NHS costs. I love that I have the HC2 exemption form, don't get me wrong. I dont' love how much life costs. All of these things I'm paying for, however; go to a wider good: dental care goes to overall teeth care (as I have teeth all my life). Counselling goes to help out my head issues (and I have a few). Basic disclosure is necessary to work for the job I got offered (p.s. woo, job offer!) and finally, the oyster card is probably a cheaper travel service compared to most of the UK's urbanised travel services. WHen I lived in Bristol; First was the empire there. They sucked. Despite that, I do wish I still lived in Bristol. I don't know actually; as when I lived in Bristol for 5 years, I was all like: ugh, this isn't as cool as london.

I know that I'm posting a lot today. I have got a lot on my mind, especially when so much happens. I also have no-one to talk to. Journaling these events seems to keep me sane, it also helps me get my head around life, and myself.

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