Friday, October 1, 2010

Perennials of shallow life

Except for the gas smell next to the boiler, I find little real distractions in life. Although the small ones get big when there are lots of them. Namely, following so many people on twitter. Why do I even use twitter? you might ask. I'm not an attention whore anymore (I used to be one), but I enjoy funny posts from my favourite comedians and I do not watch television enough to be reminded of when TV programs and series come on, so how else do I find out about my favourite shows? Twitter. Also I monitor social phenomena, or sometimes boring shit like when my favourite pornstars are masturbating.

Call me a patriarch, but I don't really take the female porn star's orgasmic well being in too much mind, unless it has some kind of bizarre novelty, like she ejaculates prematurely, or with a big puddle. Yes, pornography objectifies women, but then there's erotica, and conscientious (read: women directed) porn, which is also good. Why am I talking about porn? I have no Idea. I had a wank today, I don't actually wank during the day very much. That's a good thing, I find it highly unproductive to masturbate during daylight hours, except if I just wake up. I've wasted vast swathes of my life masturbating, and I'm trying to be productive. Speaking of productive, I'm bloggobating (not a word).

I feel utterly shit that my life is utterly shit. But I feel utterly shit when my life is utterly shit when I meet friends which makes me feel utterly shit that I have nothing to say for myself. What the hell do I talk about with a good friend when it's just me? I'm not good at one-to-ones. Maybe I'll try to remember that if I don't eat much today I'll lose weight. I must lose weight to feel like a social valid.

I hate the shitty and utterly monotonous music that I have on my playlist. I have found it droll and annoying and degrading to my intellect. I've created a Mozart playlist to react to such aural buggery. So at the moment I'm doing a GCal unblock so that the rest of my weekend and coming few days are cleared up. Lets state some positives:

1. I'm not as low in cash (yet)
2. I'm seeing a friend - socially acceptable eating and an excuse for fish and chips (its like crack)
3. I've booked a counselling appointment
4. I'm getting over my weight gain hiccup of last week (lost 3lbs to show for it - lose 3 more and we are back to 'square 1' with weight loss over august).
5. I've got my HC1 form
6. I'm seeing the doctor's tomorrow (note to self: remember why you are going there: skin problems)
7. I've got a job assessment/training day. I hope my hair doesn't go against me.

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