Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(Chris Waitt's) redemption

I saw this film a while back called 'A Complete History of my Sexual Failures'. It was about a guy who talked about how all his relationships failed and attempted to find out how and why. Part of it is narrative, another part investigative journalism; its all humour.

At first I thought the guy was pathetic; but then I thought there was more pathos than vanity to him. There was a point where he thought about his longest girlfriend, and how she has now gotten on with her life, pregnant. It reminded me of my ex, and how she got on with her life. There was a moment when (due to his erectile problems), Waitt experimented with Viagra; he then went out asking various women on the street to have sex with him, naturally he got arrested. After he came home from jail he considered that his moment of madness came from a trigger of upset after thinking about the heartbreak over his longest girlfriend. I can totally understand that.

The film had a happy ending, one of the girls he talked to in his mad viagra binge was a cute Russian journalist (or photographer? --- photojournalist perhaps?) who gave him her number, he calls her at the end and the film ends with him explaining her and how they start dating. I thought that for a man who was pathetic (and he was a bit of a funny one), he found redemption in having another chance. There was something that really hit me at the end of the film; he said that the more he spent time with the new and cute Russian lady; the less he thought of his ex and how he missed her. That was so sweet, I only hope one day that happens for me.

- Dobby from Peep Show <3

I started chatting to this girl recently, online. She currently lives in Norway and she's soon going to move to London for a new job. I like chatting to her; she seems really nice. I told her about all sorts of things and she even accepts that I'm a little bit depressive. She's really geeky too and knows loads about hardware and software (yes, she's in IT!) and she is much like Dobby from Peep Show. I don't know if it's going to lead anywhere but its just nice having someone to chat to. I recall her telling me last night that even though it's been a few days since we started chatting; it feels like years to her.  I thought that was a sweet compliment.

I don't let many people in to my life, or my mind, my thoughts or feelings. I distrust so many people. I'm surprised that I told her so much. I'd love to see her when she moves to London. I bet that she'll make loads of new friends and won't have time for me. That's how nice girls end up. I'll be a long forgotten former novelty. Hey ho; lets have no expectations about it and just get on with the day...

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