Saturday, October 16, 2010

The perennial question

I've been jogging consistently for quite some time. Why hasn't there been enough progress? perhaps some possible responses:

  • Jog more, push yourself more (valid, although I'm pushing myself more lately than I ever have)
  • Organise your diet better (more valid)
  • Consider more excercise beyond jogging (even better)
  • Just keep up the good stuff that you are doing
A sense of frustration is something that comes with my training routine often. When I train, I learn more about myself, my mind, my body, my attitude, my determination. I also forge a new path inside my mind, a new personality, a new attitude, a new determination. I hope that through that ironmongering, one would forge a new body. I'll certainly say this; my shoulders are getting bigger, I'm getting some more definition around my arms and my mid section is getting a bit more shapey (but not round shapey).

Today's training session was a good one. I did just under 4km, worked on upper body and legs and I learned that the thing that really drives me harder with the pullups is not just about the muscles but its more about my lung capacity. If I'm in good lung shape; I can push up to 10-13 reps. If I'm in weak lung mode (where I strain and really push my arm muscles), I go up to 4-7 reps in a set. Learning this, I interspersed the cycle machine as a warmdown/breather excercise between when I'm pumping iron.

Getting back home and entering my training data shows that I have expounded an estimated 800kcal (perhaps this is a bit over the top an estimation?). If I am to consider my calisthenics routine to be vigorous, and I'd say it was a little, I was somewhat merciless with situps, leg excercises, pullups, bicep presses, and my only breather was on the cycling machine which I used fairly vigorously. I feel like I'm cheating with that estimation. I do however, feel that it was a good workout. I went a bit further than usual with my jog home as well.

So, getting home, I entered the data, I had a lovely breakfast consisting of beans and toast. with some meaty little pork sausages in the beans (some specialised market for sausage + beans I think). Now that my body is slowing down back to its former state, I need to go for a shower and get back to my schedule. Some things on the back of my mind include: worries that the employers cant' read, or haven't received my bank form/acceptance to work. My other worry is whether the people who do the basic disclosures will reply back to me. These things worry me because I always think the worst when I send off mail. Esepcially since with my experience with the Job Centre, the worst does happen. I want to start working and earn my keep. Even if it's a shit job at least I can say I started at the bottom. I'll then earn enough to buy cool things, maybe nice clothes. Maybe I'll lose weight, maybe I'll buy a new laptop. Maybe I'll eventually get a proper job. From that point I could perhaps even move to a flat somewhere.

For now, however; I'm just going to carry on with my schedule, and problems arise when they do arise. Learning from life means to also learn about your reactions. I'm disposed to worry and anxiety. I shall let it go, have a shower, and send off applications and such.

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