Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This week has been fairly positive

Good morning,

I thought I'd post and then regret it because I have to hurry for my train in 15 mins. So, I'm off to the office, and I observed that when I need to get up early in the morning, I feel a greater propensity and comfort towards disobeying that. Anyway, I'm up and that's what matters.

One thing I've observed about the colder months is that I dont shower as much. I know that sounds horrid but the thought of getting naked in the cold is scary. Shaving felt like an effort today. I'm 226.4lbs, could be better but its near enough to my target to pass on to the next projected step. Down to 225, then 224, then 223... and so forth.

Small steps they say. If I go down to 200lb I'd be fairly content. Down to 180 and I'd still be overweight, but I'd be sexier. Might even start to get some action. But life isn't all about weight. I've applied to a few jobs this week, and I've even anticipated events. I've booked tickets for book events and bbc recordings. That would be fun, I think.

While I remember, I better trim my nose hair. That sounds so horrible but every few months it gets a bit too long. Surely that happens to someone in their 40s.

So today will comprise of going to the office, data entry and maybe lunch; then heading home, if I have enough energy I may venture to complete more tasks/applications/job searches.

Doesn't my life seem fun? I feel one positive sign, that is I'm getting a few more rejection letters than usual. The jobs I applied to from 2-3 weeks ago are trickling to now. I think that's a good sign. I need to be more target oriented with job applications. Or better still in my mind, just get what's done, done on my day list and find more if I get it all behind me.

I'm self conscious that I smell. I'm also thinking about getting a birthday card for my ex girlfriend, cos 1. i'm a nice guy and 2. she didn't get me one so it makes me better than her.

I need more female friends. Not girlfriends, but just friends with vaginae.

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