Sunday, September 12, 2010

Golly, a weekend in 25 points

Golly. Let's talk about lists again

1. Traffic on the way to the wedding
2. I said things to my dad I regret, insulting things
3. My dad fucked up my cummerbund in the wedding, really pissed me off
4. Nice alcohol during th wedding, and my sis got me a gin and lime at the bar
5. Awesome food at the wedding.
6. I love my family, and my cousins are a big laugh.
7. Little awkward moments in the wedding.
8. My nephew was cute during the wedding
9. Did i mention that the food was to die for? die like diabetes!
10. The way home was just as bad as going there. Awful traffic.
11. When I got home I got a message from a girl on a social networking site
12. we chatted and she even suggested i visit her house at 1am so we can have late night loving
13. What? that shit doesn't happen to me!
14.  I was a wuss and said no but wednesday evening as a date would be good too
15. Hippy girl also organised a date.
16. The girl in 11. is 47 years old but looks like a nice late 30s (and soo hot). she's into me, i'm into her, but most importantly I feel I can talk to her well.
17. Sunday: woke up at 7am, wanked over girl in 11. fell asleep
18. Sunday: woke up at 11am
19. Went for a jog. 4.2k, calisthenics, some new emphasis on supported pulllups My arms were suitably troubled by this new task.
20. Went home, ate only two meals today. Being good? time will tell. I feel my parents downstairs motivate my want not to eat and also to dally about the house. I work best living in a single room. Weird.
21. Today I caught up with various tasks, I've less things obsctructing me to get back to job hunting tomorrow. I also did job sheets and emailed some rejection emails to the JCP advisor.
22. Sign in tomorrow: 9:30, get up: 8am
23. Then more job applications.
24. I clarified details about date on wednesday. I think its possible there may be sex. I'm scared, but I'm also really horny, and really eager.
25. Emailed hippy girl, asking to clarify time for saturday's date.

Today's summary: I am going on two dates this week, with two different girls. My confidence is up. I have a smile on my face, I ate two meals today.

One year on from the breakup; its not so bad. ;) Now I just need to work on other things in my life, namely: money, flat to live in, job, life, research (don't forget the fucking research).

My research aspirations look more bleak by the day. Government ministers from both Libdem and Cons are proposing a cut in funding. Two years ago was bad, now is really bad, this will be worse.

Anyway, I'll focus on the weight loss and the girl prospects for now.

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