Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picking myself up

I'm feeling in a half-stupour today. I'm not exactly in a stupour (my mind is more alert after a 4 hour nap), but I do realise I have quite a backlog of things bothering me. I was on a forum the other day asking a bunch of experts in my MA subject about my career prospects. THese experts gave me some food for thought, and I feel like their responses are something I've not fully acknowledged or dealt with. It's on my GReader favourites list and I've not properly dealt with them; emotionally, mentally...whatever way you want to construe it.

I read the covering letter for the application I got the intern offer for; it's shit!!! I can't believe they took me on on that basis. I'm bizarrely surprised. I think it's the old boy network (despite the employers being women). I must say that there was one really cute girl in the office. She was a rah and probably way out of my league, but nice to look at all the same. Anyway, I'll need to decide about that closer to the time. In other news I'll probably have to talk about that to the job centre.

Today I'm going to catch up on GReader, deal with what my head doesn't want to deal with. Now on with a job application. I feel like I haven't written a covering letter in ages. Fuck...

Lets hope my weight goes down tomorrow.

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