Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I'm doing at 13:37

Right now my head is in a rush. As soon as I get back from the high street, buying my brother in law a birthday card and a present. I also went to primark and bought cheap shit, funny that I did because as I got home (after a stop to buy pumpkins - don't ask), I get a list of available shifts for my job with shamebly arena. I stated my availability for shifts. There are only a few shifts available to do this month, and definately not enough to earn proper money even if I got them all. I got emailed the shift list with 3 other people; I have to therefore compete with them for shifts, at least this month. So, perhaps I won't be working this month (damn). This is more unfortunate because all the shifts have been allocated by last month and these are the dregs of work available.

In short, I've got a job now, but it pays a pittance, and for this month at least , there's not much available. Funny, because the month just started. Fuckedy. Anyway, I'll be positive. I'm now eating (scoffing), I then need to unpack all the shit I got from the shops, have a shower, get ready for the interview, go to counselling, and get home, then get ready for the local community group meeting that happens every month.

I'm busy, in fact, I'm too busy.

I finally have a job. Hurrah.

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