Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting into the routine (and the lucky break)

So, today is the second day at work. I think I'm getting the idea of it. There seem to be a lot of Australians in managerial positions and they are all sexyglamorous 20-30 somethings. As a 20something myself, I feel small. I made small talk with the staff. We events assistants and security guards are of a similar ilk. I felt like Mark in that episode of peep show when he was talking to the security guards.

I had a variety of interesting conversations. There was this big black guy in his 50s named 'Mac' (like the character from predator)  who told me that he was working this job as easy money, and that he's saving up for his step-daughter's vital spine operation. When I heard that I saw a depth to this man that went beyond the uniform he wore. I saw a good man and a loving man. There really is such dignity and profoundity in the common man. Another lady told me that she started working here after her kids were grown up enough to look after themselves after being a full time mum. I see that these people are far more than their jobs, but parents who care about their kids. I see their real lives through their conversations.

On the way home I used my tip money (50p would you believe) to put into my oyster card, which gave me exact change to pay for the ticket home. If I didn't have that tip I would have been buggered. I must make a note not to take fortune for granted. Tomorrow I get paid in, and hopefully frugality will favour the bold

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