Saturday, November 27, 2010

The emotional hangover (a review of friday)

Good morning,

I suppose this feeling can best be described as the emotinal hangover. I feel totally drained and not terribly disposed to do very much today, but alas I must. Today I have various chores, most of it is 'catchup' and continuation of my job search. I've been reasonably good this week, although one or two days I had to make serious cuts to my activities.

I think I'm going to leave the house and do what I call 'errands'. Namely, get back the signatory form from the GP office (I probably don't need it as I didn't get the job), and get my new glasses from last week that I tried on that costed me £10 to my pocket but £88 if I didn't have a HC2 form. It would be nice to have a new 'face' with the glasses. The novelty would eventually wear off. Novelty is what I need right now though.

So lets talk about other things, my ex is in a relationship with that substance abusing guy again she got previously engaged to, I didn't get the job from mencap, but they did say nice things ('the other candidates just had a stronger record in campaigning'). I guess I wasn't competitive enough. I don't think I'll hear back from the prison job, not anything good anyway. I attempted to go out last night, but I didn't manage to find anyone to talk to, felt anxious and left in shame. I felt very aware of my flaws as a person last night.

Work was an 11 hour shift. In some ways it didn't seem as long, in others I felt quite a fatigue and it was quite apparent among my colleagues. It was fun in parts, interesting in others, and tasty in others (namely, having two sandwiches). Draining all the same, emotionally and physically. When things in life get me down and shit me up, I think to myself: maybe I should take up that' girl's offer and hang out with her. I mean, what have I to lose? I should start hanging out with more people, especially girls. It would be great to meet her. The girl works in IT, just like dobby! She's also geeky, just like dobby! She also understands norwegian, which panders to my black metal fetish. In a mark-corrigan-parodical fashion, I think she's the one.

Anyway, I better go walkies. Wish me luck.

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