Friday, November 19, 2010

Day of rest

Third day as a real working man. I did some interning in the morning/afternoon until 5pm. I finished up a bit of work and then I went to my paid job. It was an evening shift at Shambly arena (I like that name), and there were some pretty rich and important people. There was a guy who looked like a kaiser, and there was one woman who had a swastika motif on her shawl. I guess that's how the rich roll.

Lets just say the night was initially stressful and long, then the rest of it was alright. I got home nicely with a taxi. I suppose I could say more about the night, but I'm just a bit too tired to remember. The drive home was nice, they took me home in a Mercedes and I counted my tip for the night. Fifteen pounds fifty. Count it and weep, brother, that's a good day's takings considering that I won't get paid for a while. Something on my mind that troubles me a bit is that I've not been paid yet. In my head I'm entertaining a few possibilities as to why:

  • They can't read my handwriting on the sign in book (I bloody hope not)
  • They haven't got my correct pay details (also, I bloody hope not, also I sent it to them TYPED)
  • There is a semantic difference between when they say 'payments will be made' and when I actually get the money, like how when I sign on with the JSA they pay on monday/tuesday and it comes in on thursday. Maybe it's like that. I hope it's like that. I want to give them a week's grace before I start enquiring. I'm just a little pissed off at that because I dont have much money and tomorrow I'm planning to meet up and hang out with these two girls that I promised to look after.
So today, I'm sorta catching up on things, sleep for one. I got up listening to Bob Marley playing on my computer, it was quite tranquil. I got a call earlier to invite me to an eye test. Which is nice. I hope they accept my exemption form, and then I'll get a free eye test, and a pair of new and (i hope) NHS subsidised glasses. Perhaps, I think, the reason for my headaches is because of 1. my glasses are old and 2. my glasses are a bit worn down and thus: unusable without falling off.

If I'm lucky I might do things from my schedule. I am not terribly ambitious today. I'm tired. If you were up from 8am yesterday until 2am for work, I'm sure you'd feel the same. I am allowing myself the indulgence of rest. I have tickets to see Mozart this evening, but I feel too poor to go out tonight. Maybe I'll just watch episodes of X-men on my computer. Or robotech. Maybe I'll indulge myself with a pizza? Maybe not. I've eaten too much this week. I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

I suppose I should get ready to go. Damn.

I haven't even scheduled next months' work yet. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that. It's about 25 hours of work I think.

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