Thursday, November 25, 2010

A summary of today.

I've come back home and my food for the early evening is a bowl of frosties. I indulged a little and had some McD's at Tottenham Court Road after my first interview. After my first interview, I walked casually to the British Museum. I made an effort not to stay in the Parthenon and I saw Africa, Native America, China and the Enlightenment gallery, which is always a joy. The enlightenment gallery is like a museum of an old museum. Facinating stuff.

After McD's, I had a poop, then walked around Angel, I then went to Old Street and did my interview. The panel was lovely. I thought they were really nice people and it would have passed me by if I didn't know they had a learning disability, one of them was really cute as well. Gosh, if a girl was that cute I'd date her. They all seemed like really nice people, and they loved their jobs. There's a lot of good in the charity I went to.

After the second interview (they gave me a bottle of sparkling water), I went to the event that my 'Intern boss' was running. That felt a little awkward, I didn't feel like I belonged there. Anyway, coming home I finished my book and writing it all down like this makes my day seem exceptionally short. Oh, I had a trigger just a moment ago, facebook updates about my ex girlfriend are fucking with my head. She's doing this -onagain-offagain thing with that guy who alcoholically beat her. I'd rather just let go of her. I was willing to go to see her next month. Now I don't know anymore...

After doing some research on the persons with learning disabilities, I felt a real sense of understanding about these people's lives. I really liked how they are everyday people talking about everyday things sometimes, I understand that having learning difficulties also gives them distinct difficulties with their life. I was bigging up how I knew disabled people in the interview. That was weird, I felt exploitataive.

Maybe I should do a post-mortem of the jobs. Let's talk figures.

Prison job: 700 applicants, 36 interviewees. I'll be informed next month
Charity job: 70 applicants, 6 interviewees. I'll be informed probably by tomorrow

Lets talk money.

Prison job: permanent, full time, c £18k pa
Charity job: 5 month contract, full time, £23k

Now, let's say here. If I got paid a £23k job in the charity sector I'd be fucking laughing all the way to the bank in pride. But, this is basically a temporary job which is not ideal. I'll still have to hunt like a police hound for jobs afterwards, and who knows how long it takes to get into a job again after the nonsense of unemployment.

Lets talk perks:

Prison job: permanent, pension, promotion prospects, possibility to advance in the civil service genera
Charity job: no pension, no promotion prospects, only temorary

Looks like prison job wins in this one :(

Let's talk work culture:

Prison job: highly target oriented, high pressure, hard working, possibility of going to court as a witness
Charity job: not around criminals but lovely people, possibility of writing press releases (thus PR and campaigning experience), high satisfaction from the feeling of making a difference to the lives of the mentally disabled, their families and government policy.

Hmmm, Charity job wins.

Let's summarise:

Money: Inconclusive winner
Stability: Prison wins
Work culture: Charity wins

Overall winner? Good question...
It's unlikely that I'll get two job offers, but I need to run through this mental process before I fuck up like last time when I did multiple interviews. Anyway, next on the menu for the week: work tomorrow, assessment with bank of england on monday. If I focus on the positives maybe I can forget that I don't have a girlfriend and I feel alone. Helping people gives me such a better buzz. Better still, money helps more. I'm glad I had these interviews, I just hope that it works out. I just hope something works out with my life. I hate when people ask where I want to go in life and I don't know.

Perhaps I now will allow myself the luxury of having an early night, watching cartoons all evening and relaxing. I can't relax too much though because I have work tomorrow! 11 hour shift. That will pay for a few xmas pressies I'm sure.

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