Friday, November 19, 2010

I saw this often: Ja bless the NHS

One of the things of actual use that I've done today is that I've gotten and Eye test and bought a pair of glasses. Thanks to the NHS exemption form, I got a free eye test, and I only had to spend £10 for a pair of glasses that would normally cost £69. They wwill give me a slightly different look I think, and it's a bit retro and geek-chic too.

If I didn't have that HC2 form, I'd have to have paid £88.32. Instead, I paid with most of my tip money from last night. I thought that was a pretty impressive utility of my frugality. These days you have to pinch as many pennies as possible. Perhaps I should take stock of that fact and enjoy the stuff I do have. Money is tight these days, but I do have a hard drive full of movies to enjoy I guess.

I think that I'll try to enjoy tonight. I'm going to give myself some slack. I've been meaning to get another eye test since, oh, 2009. It's a welcome new addition to my inventory, especially since my glasses are not fit for purpose. I suppose I could enjoy the audiobooks I have as well.

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