Friday, November 5, 2010

The first day to better things

Good morning.

I am going to consider today, despite only starting my day, as a good one. In 35 or so minutes, I'm going to leave the house and start my new paid sort-of job. After so many months (and over 2 years), I've finally gotten a placement that isn't work experience and actually pays. Granted it's not the best job in the world, but I'm not complaining and I suppose it could be worse.

Lets talk about other positives, the girl I was talking to for the past week who lives in Norway is starting her new life in London. It's a big transition to move to another country, she's starting a new job in a new country; its effectively a new life for her. She's cute. Will I meet up with her someday? would it be a date? who knows. I feel a bit uncertain really, she's a nice girl and good friend material. I think that's enough.

I have also reached my weight target (well, lets say that I have, within 3oz, and lets say that accounts for the food i'm going to poop). That means I have reached the lowest weight I've achieved in months. I'll try not to celebrate by eating. However, I do need something heavy when I finish my shift. I'll probably finish work and get home by 8pm. Long day, but its paid work :)

Maybe I'll talk about yesterday. Yesterday was intern day, and I spent longer in the office than usual. I finished most of my tasks and spent longer in the office so that I could go directly to the church in Knightsbridge. Rachmaninov was stunning, the non-western harmonies were haunting. There is something spectacularly unique about the vespers compared to all the rest of the Rachmaninov chorus. There was something piano like however, about the low bass parts. The low bass is what I love about Rachmaninov's piano pieces. I was listening to some music that brought me to tears in the office yesterday. I love the power of music to change my mood. I am normally so reserved emotionally around people, that I forget how passionate I can be.

I hope one day I can make proper money, but for now; this pitiful job will have to do for now. Yesterday I think I refined a new look for a new me. My smart black parade shoes, suit trousers, my long jacket, white shirt and silk black tie, oh, with my new leather gloves. I feel awfully glam for a simple combination. Okay, I'm going to get ready for work, and I'll see you later.

I feel a little anxious, mainly worries that I'll fuck up in some way. It hasn't been this good in so long. What's next, a blowjob from a cute girl?

Okay maybe not yet. A thin body would be nice though.

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