Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday (we own it)

Dear Diary,


So, what did I do today? I watched like an episode of Game of Thrones (fucking bloody and dark and sad all at once), then 5 episodes of a new series called 'Maron'. I had it on my screen as I was working on other things. I was doing my monthly and weekly review: that is an audit of the tasks I've been doing. According to that audit. I've done 26-28 gym sessions this May just passed; I've applied to a pathetically few number of jobs. I have recieved a job offer (albeit temp and contract), I've had two interviews, and I've started monitoring my 'fatigue' days and it shows I'm tired a third of the time.


What else did I do? I managed to get an extra day in at work (always good for the monies); I read more of that academic book manuscript that Irecieved last week. I did two gym classes today. A big fucking cardio sweat going on today. I had only one patch on my shirt that was dry. I'm really loving the Lonsdale shirts that I got from sports direct. I also just did some gardening stuff.

There's a big thing going on at the garden this Sunday. It's been planned for about the past 6 weeks and I have been really deep in organising it. I really like that we've made a bit of a team spirit when we are working together. Even though I'm more the loner. Yesterday at the garden I lent a pretty lady my gloves. I then used my hand wraps as protection. I have a cut on my finger, its got some weird excema shit growing from it now. Its the same finger that had skin issues back in 2009 because that's the finger I used to purge, you know, when I would put my fingers down my mouth and go WHRAHHHHHH and the puke and acidic water came out.


I think I did a lot today. I even wanked a lot today. I ate a bit, and I lazed a bit. I have been doing it all in big amounts it seems. I have felt a bit anxious today. Partly because I have been overwhelmed by so many tasks going on. All this garden and organising stuff, all this delegating, managing conflicting interests and agendas is hard. Game of Thrones is an overblown metaphor for real life. If I were in Game of Thrones I wonder who I'd be. I would love to be Khal Drogo (if he wasn't dead). Drogo is a sexy beast.

So tomorrow, what is on the menu:

  • Think about going to that premiere for the thingy I composed
  • More thoughts about going on a date on Friday
  • Feel miserable about cancelling on Megadeth
  • Write for my personal blog
  • Book reviewing
  • Write for another blog that I run
  • Apply to job at The Sentinel that I was suggested to apply for
  • Badminton
  • Maybe get that chest rig off my friend for the garden day

I want to go to bed, although Im in an immersive IM conversation with an amazing girl.


In other news. I realise that there are about 3-4 people who I know in real life who know about this blog. I originally worte this blog so that it was for my own thoughts, my own internal monologue. My mark corrigan moments and thoughts and feelings. I never want to be in a position where I have to filter my thoughts. I will just ignore the fact that people know me through this blog. I actually made a friend who discovered this blog, she thought I was vile and repulsive, then we made friends and bonded over our musical taste. Then she got all weird when I told her Im sexually attracted to men.


Onwards, motherfucka

p.s. this song is the soundtrack to my life at the moment. I have a massive Vin Diesel crush


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