Friday, June 7, 2013

craving coca cola for some weird reason.

Dear Diary,

I feel too tired to think. In terms of plasticity. I did two different things today. I did a triple session of gym things: two classes and a weights session, with warmup. I also tried a new abdominals class which was a living hell. I'm also aware how fucked my deltoid is on the right, at present.

I did something else new. I met up with that lady on fetlife. She was nice, sort of how I imagined her, round, short, cute, sorta ordinary. Nice. Then I went to work, not much happened. What one might call in the parlance, easy money. I don't want money easily, not at such a low amount. I want hard money or loadsa money.

I can't even think about tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after. My body feels really tired. My body is also craving coca cola right now. I have no fucking idea why.

I feel like I don't care what happens tomorrow, or the rest of the week. My body feels wrecked. Maybe come saturday morning I will do some gym shit. There's a girl I chat to on okcupid, not romantic, although she's really friendly. I really like chatting with her. I guess mainly because right now I don't have anyone else. She emoticon smiles at lots of things I sy, I really would like someone to chat to right now.

3 hours at the gym. I'd pat myself on the back, if I wasn't craving coke so bad (coca cola)

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