Thursday, June 6, 2013

dear diary

I wrote 2 blog posts (non conatus), and I drafted a blog about romanticism. I am reading a book about heavy metal subcultures and I'm reading a friend's manuscript on philosophy that he's having published later this year. I'm all about the reading lately. I did lots of reading yesterday (wednesday) and fell asleep to the sound of podcasts and indie music.

I think the only thing on my mind that gives me pleasure besides wanking and writing and music is food. I love food. Food is my comfort. Food is my safety shield from the world. God I love those dirty bacon crisps. Might take some with me to work.

So I was just confirming the plans for the next few days. On Thursday my plan is:

  • Wake up
  • Pack my shit together (include lunch)
  • Meet up older woman who is sexually into me from Fetlife
  • Do some reading at work
  • Do paid work at shambly arena
  • Go to the gym after work
  • Do three classes
  • Get the fuck home.

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