Sunday, May 12, 2013

Things I did on saturday

I woke up. I knew that I wanted to go to the gym, even though my back felt like shit. I got up and thought to myself: why! Then I thought about the cute girl at the gym who sometimes looks at me and smiles. Needless to say I packed my water into my bag 2 minutes later. I did two classes. Body Pump and then Body Attack. I bought a book in the morning too, it was something I thought was a treat for myself after the good news I got a couple days ago.

I felt that I could not rest on my laurels for long and I had to get on. I did those two classes and I was so exhausted and broken and strained, that the trainers could tell something wasn't right with me that morning. I got home, I bought some food. I ate in a binge eating manner. Two sandwiches, lots of ice cream, and other such junk foods. I really binged hard. As soon as I finished, I had a shower and then I had to do tutoring for 3 hours for a girl who has an exam on Monday. The tutoring went fairly well. I'm actually surprised it lasted so long and I had enough to say. After tutoring I had a wank, and felt satisfied not just at my orgasm, but at the fact that I earned some money. I realyl do want to make money, I'm hungry for it. I just need to find people who are willing to pay, and people who are willing to take me on.

So two tutoring jobs this week, that kind of makes up for the dirth of what was the past fucking year! After Lucy, my most previous regular tutoring job in 2011-2012, graduated, I didn't get much interest. I sometimes got emails from one person who kept emailing me about stuff but never followed through. I kinda think that she wastrying to blag it, that fucker. So after I finished tutoring I kinda lazed around a bit. I made some lemonade for the garden picnic and I also ate a little. Then I played Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which is the funnest game around right now. I listened to some audiobooks as I played.


So tomorrow, what's planned? Garden stuff, having fun at the garden, thinking about the rest of the week, and maybe resting my body, and my laurels.

I feel so tired, I have been pushing my body if not my mind lately. I need rest. I need relaxation. Maybe if I can afford it, I could go on a holiday. Boy I'd love that. Maybe a holiday that involves sex. Oh that would be perfection. Having some nice food will go well too. Hmm, aspiration porn - well the only thing that counts as my aspiration porn right now is a book on Adorno and buying some boxing hand wraps.


Must sleep for tomorrow. I'm excited!

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