Thursday, May 23, 2013

anxiety keeps me up

dear diary

I had anxiety during the night, which affected my ability to sleep. I am unsure if I even went to sleep. I hate physical anxiety.

To repeat something that was discussed before: I've talked about how depresion is past oriented, and anxiety is future oriented.

Its more comfortable to be past oriented, and less so to focus on the future.

I need to try and focus on the future. One thing that I like to do is focus on imaginary worlds, and there are a few staple things that I imagine. I imagine a world where past versions of me are around and we do stuff together, usually working together or against each other.

So what's the plan for today? I'm off to work later. I'll head off from 1:30. I also am going out after work. I should buy a birthday card. I should do some emailing. I've been invited to a job interview (office manager). I think yesterday was blighted by fatigue after the garden.

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