Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Midday thoughts of optimism.

Dear Diary,

So I am doing some job searching. I feel suddenly that my life has gotten a little bit more respite. I'm looking at Linkedin. I'm kinda feeling depressed, but also magnanimously happy for the people I see on it. A woman at the garden is on my suggested links. I kinda like her, in a possibly fancy sorta way. But also a I like her values and moral outlook kind of way.


I feel really drawn to people of moral compass, like feminists, activists, campaigners and the like. I guess I see a part of them that I wish I had.

I'm thinking about that date girl from a couple weeks back, the one who I went out with after the *major newspaper* interview. I can't think of a name for her for blog purposes, lets call her Ionia. Ionia said that there is definitely no romantic potential between us, since she is officially gay now, but she thinks I am interesting enough to be friends with, and she likes chatting with me. I like chatting with her too. I don't want to say good bye to her. I think she's really awesome. Maybe its alright if I'm not in a relationship-sexual type thing with Ionia, but I do very much enjoyed how open I can be with her. Something about her reminds me of Marie, I know I shouldn't say that.


I'm going to write a list: Things I am looking forward to:

  • Working at the newspaper
  • Money
  • Garden stuff
  • Life
  • Getting mental health support and learning to trust again
  • Going to the Gym tomorrow to do a double session, and then another double session on Saturday, and then a garden session on sunday (which makes my activities number to 6 things!

I've also been invited out by a guy - from fetlife, to see an art exhibit.

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