Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not your usual bank holiday, not your usual life.

Dear Diary,

I may have eaten too much fast food lately. So what did I do yesterday?

  • Woke up late, decided to do something spontaneous
  • I went shopping, I bought that shirt from uniqlo that I like, I love those antibac suit shirts, they are thick but also fit me well
  • I then got some trousers, shampoo and conditioner, and a fuckload of burger king for shame
  • I then came home, I cancelled my music instruction session with my friend because...
  • I went to the hospice to see that family friend I've mentioned in previous posts

If I have to go to the hospice again, it will be too soon. It was a peaceful place, a tranquil place. It even had an electric keyboard. Seeing that man's face, was seeing death itself. Its one of those really dark memories that stay with you forever. I felt quite physically distressed as I got home. My dad said that was why I felt dizzy. Its very upsetting to see something like that.


The man who I went to see gave me a big confidence boost last year at the wedding when I was  plaiyng the piano. I hate seeing someone like that, he was so weak that he couldn't even close his mouth. Poor guy. It's tragic.


So I got home, planned out provisionally this week coming. I have the interview on wednesday, then the induction at the Sentinel. Its all kicking off. I am feeling really tired lately. I am also feeling really sore on my left hip area. I don't know what that's about. I kind of liked that it was a bank holiday weekend. I don't like how my sex drive has gone up a bit more lately. Its generally a sign that I'm feeling better, but it is also very insatiable and any kind of addictive beahviour is bad. I say this with a slight hypocritical bent. Because I'm really hungry and intending to go to Subway right now.

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