Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back to a 'normal' day.

Dear Dairy,


It was a nice bank holiday. I cleared up a big bunch of junk in the house. I have also caught up on emails, and now that I don't have composing for the time being, I can carry on with other things. Today I'm doing tutoring, off to badminton later. I set up a music playlist, did my receipts. and set up a job search set of windows on Google Chrome, hopefully once I've finished this tutoring assignment.


I have to say. This student is bloody dire. I need to really think hard about this.

Hmm so I don't think I talked about the past few days, I think they would have deserved being talked about. I had two interviews, a date, and went off to teach people my songs. That is a lot to happen in a week. But Will it lead anywhere? That's the question. Maybe not I think. So I have to just keep pushing. I am kinda feeling less motivation. Despite all my activity, despite getting up out of bed early, and despite seeing lots of ticked boxes on my schedule, I really don't think I'm doing enough right now.

I'm certainly being tired out as fuck.

Just keep moving, just keep moving.

Back to work...

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