Saturday, May 25, 2013

almost normal

Dear Diary,

I have mentioned that there has been a change in the working agreement between my employers and the team that I work with. Basically its a good thing: there is potential for a pension and there's more pay. As such, I've been backpaid from April to reflect that change in agreement. The formal paperwork is coming to me soon enough. I'm very satisfied with this outcome.

I'm just about to check my bank balance now to see my bank balance. I have been spending a lot over the past few days. Doing social stuff like:

  • Dinner with my good friends at wagamamas
  • Gig last night
  • (today/later) going to cinema to watch vin diesel and Dwayne the rock Johnson in a not homo erotic way, which will then hopefully result in food and or alcohol. I had a bit to drink last night, I had a cider, a pint of german beer, and a JD I chose not to drink any more that evening, oh and I did havea fuckton of McDonalds.

I paid for it this morning (hopefully) with some good gym workouts. I love the way I completely empty the tank when it comes to doing a saturday morning gym session. I love the positive attitude that the instructor has. It makes me happy, and it makes everyone there happy. I am now thinking about what to do now. I should have a shower, but could I do walkabouts in local shopping centre before I go off to the cinema?

I don't say this enough, but I should say it now. I feel more than hope right now, I feel almost normal. I feel like I'm doing the things that most normal people my age are doing: having friends, going out, being a nice guy, going to gigs, having a laugh, awkwardly not sure how to deal with flirtatious women. Having shameful takeaway on the way home. That's the life.

Things I am looking forward to:

  • Garden tomorrow
  • Food
  • Friends
  • Induction day at the Sentinel
  • Interview on Wednesday?


Just hypothetical: what if I get that interview on wednesday? will I have to give up the role at the sentinel? Start at the bottom at a great organisation, or get from the middle at a startup?

Decisions, decisions.

I need to think less and do more right now. So much to do today. I feel happy, I just want to relax and enjoy vin Diesel's muscles, in a gay way.

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