Thursday, May 23, 2013

midday anxiety (Schubert in the afternoon)

Dear Diary,


I'm putting in my shifts for June. I'm catching up with emails. My anxiety is blighting my sense of positive feeling. There are many things I should be positive about. Instead I feel physical discomfort and a sense of guilt. Why do I always feel guilty? I don't understand what I should feel guilty about.

I am currently listening to Schubert's Piano Sonata 21. First movement. I like Schubert. I need to admit when I don't know about stuff.

That woolich situation is making me feel very sad. I sincerely hope the terror alert doesn't go up at work. Fuck. It probably would.

I need to focus on the good stuff - there's so much to look forward to. job interview on Wednesday, induction with the Sentinel on Wednesday. Going out for dinner today with my two best friends, going to a gig tomorow with another of my oldest and bestest friends.

Fucking anxiety its killing me.

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