Sunday, May 19, 2013

Black Metal in the Morning

Dear Diary,

My musical preferences seem to be very diverse. I was quite enjoying Diana Krall this week. Then last night I was thinking about listening to a lot of black metal and north african folk music. There's a black metal blog that talks a lot about the influential role of local music in areas like morocco. I wonder if there's an authenticity angle about it.

So I wake up, I had a shit. I'm staring at the computer. I think today is not going to be very much of a desk day. I'm going to the garden, then I'm going for pizza with a family friend. It's his birthday. It's a damned good friend of mine, like a brother in fact. He's a good guy, he's nice to my niece and nephew. I should find out if he's got a card.

I feel like I have something profound to say, but I can't think right now. I feel like I've been lazy this week. It is fair to say that I've been working on things that otherwise I wouldn't have if I put everything off. However I am still not active enough!

Onwards. Today is a rest day but also a physical day. Active rest, as my badminton buddy say.

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