Thursday, May 9, 2013

So when it happens, I really don't know what to say: I passed an interview!

Dear Diary,

I might talk about the past couple of days:


  • Examined a PhD opportunity
  • Did some archiving
  • Badminton
  • Did a tutoring assignment (that netted me £50). However there were some problems with the tutee - namely, her essay was a definite fail if it didnt need any serious work on it. The tutee though I was going to write her essay. That's not what I do. Not for £50

Somehow this seemed more than I thought I did


  • I recieved monies for another tutoring assignment £100. Very nice! I'll do that job on saturday
  • More archiving (does this count as a legit task?)
  • Recieved extra shift at work - a short 3 hour one
  • Shift at work, from about 8am to 2:30. Had a nice breakfast. My colleague is off to Latin America to create a social enterprise. 
  • Had a hard think about getting a hair cut. I got one. It's really short, but still kinda andro-chic
  • Went to body balance class.

As soon as I got home, I bought a new video game and started playing it. I had lots of wanks and just relaxed a bit.

Thursday (morning and afternoon)

Woke up with a phone call. Didn't know who it was so I didn't answer. I got another call later from a mobile number. I then realised it was from the people from a company I shouldn't name. I called them, and then the nice lady told me something like: I'm here to tell you about the interview result from the Major Newspaper.

Fuck. I thought to myself. I didn't get it, I know it. It's always the same with these fucking things.

I'm please to tell you that the [newspaper] are interested in you and want to put you into their talent pool

It was one of those, pinch me moments. Really? I don't hear that very much, I told the lady. The company who put me through for the interview have a lot of experience with disabled, minority and specifically autistic spectrum people who have trouble finding work. The lady was really nice to me, really friendly, and she got her commission. I said thank you to her, and I said again how much this means to me to get this chance, for them to give me a chance, and for me to move forward.

As the phone went off. I shouted: YES! Like Flash Gordon at the end of Flash Gordon, after he defeats Ming. I got kinda distracted from that point, because everything in my head was all: YESYESYESYESYES. Then I also thought to myself: this isn't an ideal situation, but I take any victory that I can. At least now I can move forward.

So now I'm thinking about going to work. I can't be too excited. I still have to work.

In other news I got my pay in from last month. I need to put money back into my ISA methinks. Its nice to see money into my account. Tutoring, doing usertesting, I potentially have a 2nd job I will have a bit more going into my income.

It's funny. I recieve good news and I still stay stoic. At least I'm true to my values.


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