Wednesday, May 15, 2013

!!! talking to psychiatrist

Talking to the psychiatrist today about my history, the incarceration, my purging behaviours, my anxiety, my anger, my family, the alcoholic family friend. I wanted to talk about how my dad doesn't talk to my sister. I talked about how my family estranged my cousins and aunt when my uncle died. I talked about my paedo teacher.

The psychiatrist seemed to be really keen on finding some helpful option for me. I said I trusted him. I meant it. I also showed how I was recording the conversation, he asked if he could have a copy of the recording, I said no. I still don't trust them.

In other news:


"although there's clearly no romantic potential for us, i'm more than happy to be your friend"


What a strange thing to hear. Well I'm glad that I have another friend that I can be myself with. It's sort of like one of the activist groups I am friendly with: I can be myself with them, without any masks.

Although I think I do have to wear a mask.

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