Saturday, March 13, 2010

the return of routine, and the aggressive job hunt

I dont want to be there. I thought initially that 4-5 hours a morning wasted my time, but ironically, it has focussed me. I have been applying to jobs like mad. I even went into a shop and asked about a part time retail position at Holland and Barratts. I haven't heard back since Weds, but I really hope they give me the job. Oh well...

Anyhoo. This week I have really aggressively taken to applying to jobs. In previous weeks I took things at my own pace and then overslept and ended up wanking or eating or watching star trek too much to make a constructive day and I filled out my calendar with stupid tasks like downloading or reading google reader or tidying up my cupboard.

The achievements I've made this week are real. I've learned something positive. I wake up at 7am, agency, take a power nap, apply again and then sleep/relax properly. My weight and training has taken a back seat, but now I am aware of that, I'll make more proactive use of the time that I do have. Yesterday I decided to go training and not put it off, because friday would be the only day of the week in which I could train. For me, it now is a necessity instead of a choice.

I'm rediscovering the old part of me that used to push himself in deadlines. I've mentioned before about how the fear of an impending exam brings out the best of us, but we often forget what we learn from that.

I'm getting a good kind of kick up the backside.

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