Wednesday, March 3, 2010

facing the demon

This morning, I felt a sense of laziness as when I stayed in bed after realising that I am awake and knowing the time. I felt careless. I felt that I could just get away with laying in there for a little while more without it affecting anything. I then felt this sense of comfort as I indulged it. It seeped in my heart and my head like some strange infatuation that feels analogous to when someone cares about you.

That feeling, that comfort, came to my immediate raealisation. This was my head playing tricks with me. I realised then that I had to fight it.

Have you ever heard those stories of when people say that they never worked as hard as when they were writing their essay on the night before its deadline; or revising for an exam a week before the written test?

I learned that lesson once, and I then learned that if I treated every day like those hurredly rushed days, I could achieve very special things. Eventually along the line of my chronological life, I forgot that moral . Yesterday was a nice kick up the arse.

I ought to do two things:

1. Book appt with dentist
2. Book appt with GP/nurse

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