Monday, March 29, 2010

Maxim: Avoid being overly involved with the internet

I try to justify my continuous posting on this blog for various reasons:

1. I consider this as a kind of self-reflective therapy of the mind
2. I have no expectations about the readership. I've told almost no-one about this blog and I don't expect anyone to read it, if you do, that's fine but in a sense I will not be bothered by the fact that others read it. Unless the know me well...
3. I'm writing this for me. I have all these thoughts and feelings and it helps me to write. I'm not trying to get attention or trying to get a publication like those 'career bloggers'.

So, with that proviso in mind I want to say this: I hate people on facebook and twitter who overly use fucking exclamation marks all the time or who continually post things or comment on status updates and pictures on facebook. The people who comment first, especially on a girl's profile are trying so hard and are pathetic and weak and transparent and attention whoring and desperate. I know because I was one of those people.

Note to self: avoid sharing funny pictures on facebook status.

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