Friday, September 27, 2013

weekend away from home.

Dear Diary,


As far as my stint working at the editorial desk for Sentinel Sport (and Sentinel sunday) is concerned, I'll have finished up by next Wednesday. It was a great experience while it lasted, however I am now back to the routine of not working for long periods of time again come october, which sorta sucks, knowing that I am capable of working alright for long periods of time and doing something more than directing guests around Shambly arena.


So I'm working at shambly today, and I do appreciate getting any kind of working hours. 


You know how sometimes I write a post and I say its going to be busy and I dread it? Well that really busy shit has been happening and I'm just trying to strive through it. There's a few jobs I really want to apply to if I have the time, but I'm not sure that I will have the time. This weekend is busy. Here's a rough plan:


  • Go to work
  • After work go to Euston - visiting Antonia (who is being difficult)
  • Do some catchup during that time


  • Hang about with Antonia during the day (undefined)
  • Go to London
  • Go to meeting? (undecided)
  • Go to party from 7pm 

I'm preparing a bag right now for travel. I've got to get the essentials, and nothing more. I think I'll take the old alienware with me. 


So Off I go. I think I might bag everything up now and head off. I think my bag is overfilled for an overnight stay and taking my computer. Oh well.. Let's not forget as well: on Sunday I'm working. It's the last sunday, and then after that I can get back to the community garden. Hopefully.



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