Sunday, September 22, 2013

sunday sentinel

Dear Diary,


So yesterday I was working at the Sunday Sentinel, that was some heavy shit, left leave it at that. It wasn't too busy but it was unfamiliar to me. 

Perhaps today shan't be so bad. I'm heading out now. I am thinking about doing the sauna and gym today, that might be fun. 


I had a bit of a weird sleeping experience, for the past couple days I've been having memory triggers. Something at work happened that reminded me of the past. A woman called me about some news story and it turned out she was calling from a place 2 roads away from where I lived during the 'anxiety year' of 2005-6. That's a part of my life I don't know how to react to.

Anyway stuff to do, food to make, work to go to.


Off to work, then tomorrow another day. I had bowel troubles on the tube, but I managed it. Used my anxiety training to help.

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