Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today at work I was talking to a couple of new subeditors. I was playing a role. I was nice to them and said things like 'let me know if there's anything I can help with', or 'here you go, pal'. I quite enjoyed seeming like someone to somebody else. How I appear outwardly to people is a mystery world to me. How other people seem to themselves is likewise a mystery. I understand barely how I feel. I have my lampe and that is enough. I am glad Lampe is on life support right now and he will be replaced soon.


Today at work I was doing some envelope calculations of how much money I will have earned. I tried to account for tax as well. I am warming to the idea of getting a tablet. I am also keen on getting new clothes, trousers, cords etc. After I get paid I'm going to have to wrok on paying back my dues. Firstly to my parents, and secondly to my isa savings. 


At the moment I am warming down. After work I ate, watched some tv, then had a bath, I then watched more tv while doing a bit of work and reading. I read The Sentinel on Sunday today (it's no Guardian I tell you that) and enjoyed the various lifestyle niches. Sunday was quiet. It was my last sunday. Tomorrow is my last money at sport. Then on Wednesday will be my last wednesday, and the last day overall. Then I'm back to 'normal' of not working and waiting for work ...scary. I've got to focus on interviews.


While that is happening I've got more hings to move on about the whole aspergers thing. I've got lots to do in the coming days and then some. I won't let computer troubles stop me. Although my computer blowing on me had a pretty problematic turn 

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