Thursday, April 11, 2013

why I realise I dont like drinking

Things I did today:

  • Balance class at gym - cover teacher is hot
  • Applied to one job - civil service policy role, took a lot of juice to get it done, but I managed to pull through, my anxiety has not been good today - its my inability to focus and feel distracted all the time
  • Got call from GP - gonna get psychiartirst assessment, which I dont really like, but its the only way to get to CBT
  • Did some archiving

My head has been messy. I had some alcohol last night, the night before I had a pint, and the night before I had a pint. This casual drinking that I flirted with for the past few days I feel like it affects my serotonin and really depresses me and doesn't help my mindset. I think my life is better without regular alcohol. I am going to not socially drink, more like, occaisionally drink. If at all.I just don't need problems right now. I got enough.

I'm glad I pulled through today, it wasn't easy. Got some work on Friday, and tomorrow is supposed to be 'non priority day' - Lets see how that actually works.

Off to bed. Lately I've been sleeping late. Not good on my brain either.

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