Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thatcher is dead

Dear Diary,

Scheduling, GP appointment, Garden planning, reading a play draft and a bit of archiving summed up my day.

I fell asleep for 5 hours. 5 productive hours lost. I went to bed late last night, only slept 3-4 hours (like Thatcher).

I felt quite drowsy, disoriented. Distracted. Met some new people at the garden today. One of them had really nice hair, she also reminded me of...me a year ago. It's funny that.

So thatcher died, I've been thinking a lot about it. Half of my twitter/facebook friends are dancing on her grave, the other half are saying can we have some respect for the dead please? I'm reflecting. It very much is an end of an era, but in another sense it very much is more of the same politically. We have unemployment, civil strife, cutting down of big government - its very much like the days of Thatcher. Its interesting to hear all the commentators on the telly.

My life I talk about usually in isolation from political stuff but really much of my life is because of the political situation: there aren't jobs around, I have no luck, I dont have much money and my social mobility is essentially dead. I can't move forward in my life.

Headache impedes my ability to think. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow I'll be able to move forward.

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