Monday, April 15, 2013

things i think about when preparing for interviews

doing some interview prep at the moment.


Starting to feel anxious about the interview. Also a little excited. It's a part time job, but if it were full time it would pay £27-30k. Almost a bit higher than what I normally look for. I think this *might* be a good job to do. Something that made me a bit anxious however, is the extensive amount of travel. Basically its for a social study that involves doing a lot of interviews. Which means lots of travelling around the country. There are 6 candidates for the role, but that reflects the regions of the country. If it were going around London I'd be fine with that, but going to Newcastle and Yorkshire is what I'd call lunacy extremely demanding.


Also, something on my mind. A really sweet lady from the garden added me on the facebooks, we had a moment of rapport and my normally taciturn and distant presence was compromised by good humour and actually acting like a real person. That's what comes from lifting big pieces of organic matter I guess. I wake up seeing an unexpected friend request. Shes really cute, cuter than I expected. I really shouldn't be a letch. God I hope I don't reveal myself to be an ass. I have links on my facebook to lowbrow steven segal movies this weekend to try and pass a joke on to my friends. Nobody who likes steven segal films are nice genuine guys.


My brain is still in 'god, she's really hot, mode'. So nice to make a new facebook friend like her. Then a really unexpected thought came into my head, I don't know if this makes me a sexist pig or insecure or whatnot: I realised: god she has like a thousand facebook friends! That's amazing! I have about >300 and most of them I knew from uni, but that kind of number is obscene!

Note to self: try not to observe how hot she is.

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