Thursday, April 11, 2013

things I did today (includes interview invitation)

Dear Diary,

Things I did today:

  • Wake up late
  • Write some blogs
  • Got a call RE: an interview invitation with major newspaper distributor
  • Got an extra shift. It's a high profile one so I want to talk about it, but its a better idea not to talk about it here
  • other non -priority things: Garden stuff, putting stuff in folders, organising ebooks
  • Manscaping (pubic hair and sideburns)

Now I'm off to the gym. This is not exactly a full day, but it is a day that filled all out. I still haven't done all of the nonpriority tasks either.


I'm really glad that I've potentially gotten an interview with Fancy Newspaper. Well technically its for their 'talent pool'. but they seem to like my experience and background, and, well, lets see how it goes. Might look like I have two interviews this month.

Here's to hoping things get better. Here's to hoping I get my life back.

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