Friday, April 19, 2013

two hours at gym.

dear diary

two hours at gym. really good way to clear your head.

by the end of it my brain was just going on autopilot trying to push it. I had no thoughts, no feelings, just action, just physical movement and pain. It felt very purifying. Worrying about that family friend who is near death's door. My mum and dad are very upset as well. So am I.

Gym helps me wind down and forget my woes. Plus it is apparently healthy. I'm going to crash on my bed and have some good quality sleep. Work tomorrow. In particular I look forward to lunch, fish and chips on friday! Hurray!

Then hopefully composing. Gonna be a long one tomorrow.

Maybe best to save my juices for the long haul. Therefore sleep properly.

Off to bed now

Ni ni

Oh before I sleep. I should say: I got lots of nice compliments from cute gym instructor. I kinda like how she calls me out at the class more so than all the other people - maybe there's some sexual tension? maybe its in my head. all the same. I really enjoy what the class does for me

Now off to bed. No wanking today. Too tired. I forgot to un-italic all of that. I'm tooo tired to

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