Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cut and bulk. After easter

Dear Diary

Back to 'normal' as one might say.

I'm sat down and getting down to it all. I've had two days in which I should have earmarked as free. I'm paying the price now as there's a big backlog. What I call the GCalBlock. Got new earphones in the mail. Its nice and sunny. It's apparently British Summer time, but its pretty dreary.

I'm going to get less involved with activism/community/volunteer/extracurricular activities and try to do what I need to do - apply to jobs. Got to cut things out and focus on the main bulk. Cut and bulk.

CBT screwed me over. The short story is I'm not getting CBT. The long story is the therapist changed her story. I'm not happy about that. My anxiety is pretty bad lately. I spent the last two nights listening to youtube videos from professors and medical professionals about anxiety and treatment options. The more I listen to it the more I realise it resonates wtih me.

Must try not to be distracted too much.


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