Thursday, April 18, 2013

so much on my mind i really should just have a shower

Dear diary

Emails from work: your shift on friday is an hour less (yay!), however your shift on saturday is an hour more (erm..okay?)

My mum seems to be a bit better. My dad said that our family friend dying is having an effect on her. It's having an effect on us all I think. Since maybe 2010, it seems like someone seems to be dying every few months. I know that death is a normal part of life. It's really making my life kinda darkened. To be surrounded by death. Maybe 'surrounded' is the wrong word. It does seem to happen with some frequency. I said to a man (another family friend) one time: we only seem to meet at funerals these days. Notably his wife died three years ago.

So much death. I want to celebrate life. I want my life to be better.

I'm feeling really tired right now. Lots of things weighing on me right now. I need to have a shower. It's been over 2 days now.

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