Tuesday, April 23, 2013

...another interview! (good news?)

Dear Diary,


Such a long one at work. After filling my tummy with food I feel less shame. Sometimes I wonder if more of my problems are because I forget when its appropriate to eat. I had salad and sausages. I didn't have breakfast today. I did gorge a lot on food yesterday. I got some mcdonalds before work, greggs after work, and that aforementioned chocolate buttons and skittles. Then I ate some other shit at home. I really do like those choccy buttons!

I should say, I know lots of working hours and being tired has gotten in my way, but I should say this: I really enjoyed being able to appreciate taht I've been invited for two interviews within the same week, plus that other interview almost makes for three in a month. That's my quota being met. - hopefully of one interview a month - which I'm exceeding. I was interrupted when writing this blog (at the point where I did the strikethrough), because I got another interview invitation. Fuck. Another one? I may not have gotten that one. I said I can't deal with the issue right now when I was phoned and I will get back to them about it. It's because I'm working that day. I will need to cancel that shift. Maximise my chances - but this interview might not go anywhere, on the other hand, I need an interview. On the other other hand. I need 80 quids. 


Decision matrix time!

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