Thursday, April 18, 2013

anxiety is about a 3 right now

thatcher's funeral.

all the talk at work today. were it not for the fact that its busy as fuck at work today.

As I got home, I felt tired. went to sleep for an hour or two. I was more incapacitated in the bed unable to move or think or do anything - is that sleep? I don't know. I did wake up feeling energised, which isn't a common consequence of sleep.

My mum says she's feeling very unwell at the moment. That's kind of worrying me at the moment. Not least because I heard my parents went to see a family friend who is dying, so death is on my mind now. The guy who my parents went to visit was someone I gave a real joyous smile to at the wedding last year with my piano abilities. Was a real joy to make that kind of happiness for people.

I hope my mum's okay

I didn't get the job from yesterday.

I should try to sleep, but worried about mum. Might look at her in bed and see if she's alright. Then I'll think about sleeping.

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