Saturday, April 27, 2013

saturday morning :)

For the past couple days I was worried about not being able to survive the long shifts on friday and saturday. As it turns out. I'm not doing either of them. Cancelled yesterday for work. Then Boss said that there wasn't a need for all of us today, so I volunteered to opt out, but she also gave me another shift in its place. So I ended up with two shifts next month, but losing two this month as a result.


Had to withdraw from my ISA - I'm not a happy bunny about that. I am not going to last without cash.


So Yesterday: interview, shift stuff at work (aforementioned), then I was really tired. I just let myself be tired. I'm still tired a bit now. I seemingly have been busy lately, and as a result I haven't had time to wind down. Today I decided to take things slow, take the day off and go out tonight. I'm going to go somewhere where I might know a few people, but I don't know them too well. It could be a chance to get to know them better.


Abnd with that. I've run out of time already

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