Monday, April 22, 2013

review of the week

Dear Diary,

Mentally feeling quite dizzy, lazy, tired. I thought I might think about my morning, then review the week.

Wake up this morning, its 9am. I realised I went to bed 'early'. Put on a few podcasts last night that I absorbed. I had a long wank. I know how wasteful of time it was but I also enjoyed that I could make that time. I've got lots of composing to do. Got to go off to work in an hour.Three hours work, four hours pay.

Lets review the week:


Spinning, garden shit, composing, interview prep


Interview, fatigue, composing,


Fatigue, thatcher's funeral, shift at work


Double session at gym: two classes, recieved extra shift at work, invited to inverview, doing garden stuff


Blogging, job searching, work, sleeping -fatigue


Blogging, working, seeing brother at pub, double session at gym, get home on taxi


Fatigue, garden stuff, non-priority tasks, and not much else

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