Tuesday, April 9, 2013

...which is nice

Dear Diary,

Sent off a job application today. Went through emails. Got a job interview lined up for next week (which is nice). I'm feeling a bit upset/anxious because of something that triggered me. It's dulling my sense of 'well done' about the interview. It's a social research job. Which is nice. I'm going to get a midi keyboard from my mate's later on tonight. Did some job searching (which is nice) and I have about an hour before I go off to Badminton. I'm feeling a bit unwell right now (which isn't nice)

Mia and I had a conversation. It's one of those 'create a world in my mind and re-live memories and reflect on the past with the emotional intelligence I have today' type mystical experiences.

Mia was proposing things to me, suggesting certain interpretative schemes to my past. Then I tried to contest them. I think what I can conclude about the conversation is: focusing on the new is vital. What happened is something I will need to reflect on and I'm definitely re-contextualising, and cautious of repeating mistakes. However, I've got to stay the course with the way I've made my new scheduling system, see how it goes with the plan I have. I just have to make the wheels move. Then the destination will emerge. Hopefully, which would be nice.

I'm feeling my anxiety is pretty bad. I realise that my anxiety is generally bad on tuesdays. Interesting.

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